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of hours. front is still sitting back over western portions of west virginia. so we we have a good distance to let that get through overnight tonight. and temperatures will fall. so definitely we have more activity on the way. in fact, looking at the lightning. mainly over virginia where it is strong, as far as even tornado activity down there. and north of us. but lightning for us has been quiet. looking and talking about the warm air pushing out. big changes on the way. coming in from the northwest. and continue to see temperatures drop as we go through the overnight. i will have a look at the temperatures and your weekend outlook coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore.com/i-radar. >> more concerns over baltimore city's practice of rotating fire company closures. the issue, back on the table tonight. after three people, including a firefighter are seriously hurt in a fire. keith daniels is live at shock
. >> honoring the miners. how family and friends of those kill indeed west virginia are remembering their loved ones. >>> massive protests over a new immigration law in arizona. why some say it's an abuse of civil rights. >>> why you only have a few days left Ñ >>> mourners gather in west virginia to honor the miners killed in an explosion earlier this month. many of the people at service wearing black ribbons with gold shovels special pickaxes. president obama met privately with the victim's families before delivering the eulogy. >> it can be found by seeking the face of god, who quiets our troubled minds. a god who mends our broken hearts. a god who easies our morning souls. >> the names of the 29 victims were read during the memorial service. their pictures were also on the stage. >>> protests continue outside the capital building in phoenix over the new strict immigration law. police are required to question people about their legal status. it also toughens restrictions on hiring illegal immigrants for day labor. maryland lawmakers are weigh nothing on this controversial issue. >> n
drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. >> so how could this affect the chesapeake bay? karen parks is standing by the along the water to explain. >> many environmentalists are not happy about the plan at stake. among other things, maryland blue crab. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better? how could we do things smarter? >> president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make america less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore, on the atlantic ocean, is as much of a part of the chesapeake bay as what we see behind me. >> chesapeake bay watershed runs 8000 square miles. from upstate new york, down the susquehanna river out to western virginia. the mouth of the bay, is near norfolk and virginia beach. will baker of the foundation said there is a lot at stake. >> 90 percent of the bay's female blue crab spawn at the mouth of the bay. the larvae float out to the ocean in the top centimeter of the water column
to virginia and not maryland is sparking debate between the candidates for governor. assist john rydell reports, the two candidates disagree over whether the state did enough to close the deal. >>as he tours an auto restyling plant in columbia bob ehrlich raises questions about the deal that got away. reacting to news that northrop plans to move from los angeles to virginia. maryland had hoped to land the 300 executive jobs. and the prestige of a fortune 500 company but ehrlich claims o'malley did not do enough to entice them. >> it appears we were never taken seriously. used as potential leverage, maybe that leverage got northrup a better deal from virginia. >> state officials deny it. they say maryland and montgomery county offered the company a total of $22 million in incentives and company's ceo explains why he chose virginia. >> proximity and available real estate played a big role in it. but the economics also played a big role. >> we would liked to have been to be able attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrop grom man has 11,000 people currently
this image in motion. you can see the pop up showers occurring down in western portions of virginia and west virginia. zooming out the image here. you can see the activity. this area of low pressure. creating some showers and some heavier thunderstorms. over parts of the south. so we will continue to see this activity moving up to our region. as we go through the next several hours here. by late overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, expect to see rain. and in fact, zooming in closer. down over parts of georgia. severe weather is breaking out down there, south of atlanta. for us, temperatures at 61 degrees in baltimore. 58 in d.c. 60 in hagerstown. looks like overnight will see things cloud up. for tomorrow morning, take the umbrellas. temperatures right in the lower to mid 60s w showers off and on through the afternoon. i will have a look at how long the rain sticks around and if we have a dry weekend ahead. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. just use the interactive too
starting to move in towards west virginia. that's what we're going to experience overnight tonight is heavier rain showers. zooming out towards the west, you can see a couple of strong line of thunderstorms and tornado watches have been reported with this line of showers and storms. that will be pressing in our direction, but first we're going to be dealing with the heavy rain showers overnight. all associated with a big system that is firing up with these showers and storms. the warm front is going to stall out along the mason-dixon line. waking up tomorrow, those heavy rain showers or maybe a thunderstorm -- 51 degrees and 67 with thunderstorms in our area. will they linger for the first part of the work week? all the details in a few minutes. >>> remember. you can personalize your own forecast with iradar available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track these coming storms to your street. go to foxbaltimore.com/iradar. >>> did police go too far? the fiance of a man who was shot by officers earlier this week say the shooting was uncalled for and she's fi
the rain. as the rain moves offshore. off the coast of norfolk virginia. back west, good news, is that not anything going on. relatively quiet conditions. now the temperatures were in the upper 50s today. that was the high today. warm air being held off to the south. in the 60s. and right now sitting in the upper 40s. so cool night. but we will see things change for the next day planner. more sunshine with temperatures in the 60s. detailed look at how long the mild air sticks around coming up in the forecast. >> thank you so much. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track storms down to your neighborhood. go to foxbaltimore.com/i-radar. >> baltimore city will be receiving much needed money to pay for the very expensive winner -- winter we endured. city will get $2 million in federal relief because the national weather service determined the city sustained a record snowfall back in december. now the city is expecting, at least, $7 million more for the back-to-back blizzard that paralyz
temperatures drop down closer to what those temperatures are in oakland. over parts of northern virginia, they do have some frost advisories through the overnight. it looks like for us we'll see the cooler temperatures settling in and warmup from the west over the next few days. we have this area of low pressure with that counter clockwise spin over parts of maine bringing down showers over parts of massachusetts and upstate new york a got a little rain. that cool air was funneling down behind the area of low pressure. now that the clouds are breaking over the state, we'll continue to see temperatures drop relatively quickly through the next couple of hours. future scan shows dry conditions. clear skies for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. looks like a beautiful day setting up for tuesday as well with dry conditions. giving us a chance for rumbles of thunder as temperatures increase. 64 degrees for you folks on the eastern shore with plenty of sunshine. folks in chestertown looking at a decent day. not as cool as today. 65 degrees around the central portion of the state. plent
little doings of rain down in northern virginia, western suburbs of dc. another cell north of hagerstown that works across parts of central maryland over the next hour or so. but nonetheless, all wrapping around an area of low pressure that is starting to breakdown a bit. over the mountains. we will continue to see this area of low pressure that, will continue to wrap in the chance for a thunderstorm overnight tonight. but this will start to move off. and leave us with clearing. 56 degrees in baltimore. 57 in d.c. looking at cooler temperatures bang west. but we will see a better day tomorrow. showers end wing sunshine making the way way and nice warm up ahead. details on the seven day coming up. >> all right vytas. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore.com/i-radar. >> a pill that actually makes men hang in there longer. but it is going to cost you. >> wouldn't there come a point in time that you would be suspicious. >> collecting paychecks behind
reported a bomb at the virginia station late this afternoon and as a precaution, the yellow and blue line trains were rerouted. service was restored about 7:30 tonight. >>> it was just a little overcast today. >> just a little, but it was still a good day and that didn't stop people from enjoying the sun when it peeked through. >> many people were at the inner harbor to enjoy the spring weather. >> it's an awesome day to take in god's glory. >> tents were in the high 60s. you need a jacket, but an awesome beautiful, breezy day. how is the easter forecast shaping up? >> we had another beautiful day outside today. a couple of more clouds, which kept the temperatures down. 60 in baltimore. 62 in d.c. cooler towards the coast. 96 dover. 71 in hagerstown and 63 in oakland. those winds still out of the southwest. they'll be bringing in a sea breeze out there. six miles an hour in baltimore. five in d.c. 15 slowly starting to shift towards the northwest. we had a dry cold front that pushed through our region. that's going to shift the wind towards the northwest overnight tonight. fo
the program. >> time is running out in west virginia where rescue crews have spent the better part of a week trying to find four people trapped deep inside a coal mine. craig boswell has the latest developments. >> the clock is ting in the hills of west virginia. four miners remain trapped and crews racing to see if any survived. >> a decision has been made to send rescue teams under. >> more than a dozen rescue workers deep in the mine hoping to find the last of two emergency chambers. a room filled with oxygen and food. and their only chance of survival. >> if they did not make it to this chamber they could not have survived. >> few hundred miles away in washington president obama sends condo lenss and read part of a letter written by a 25-year-old miner, one day before he and 2 family members were killed. >> in it, he said, if anything happens to me, i will be look indown from heaven, at you all. i love you. take care my baby. tell her that daddy loves her. she is beautiful. she is funny. and just take care of my baby girl. >> meantime, the president is ordering a stem to stern review of
have paid the school money, to attend classes. here is the number to call. (410)576-6569. >> virginia is celebrating the news that defense contractor northrup grummon will make its knew headquarters there. it chose it over maryland and said location and economics were the deciding factors. virginia gave northrup $12 million in incentives but the governor said he hopes to quickly get the money back now. >> when you have 300 jobs, that average in the neighborhood of about 200,000. we think it will bring 30 plus million dollars of tax revenues to the state. >> what governor o'malley has to say about maryland losing out on growth rup grummon on the "late edition" at 10:00. >> state of maryland has the 14th highest rate of foreclosures in the country. while that is actually an improvement over recent months, experts predict it will get worse. jeff abell live in north baltimore with the story, jeff? >>well, 150,000 homeowners in this state are now behind on their mortgages. and there is real reason to believe tonight that the foreclosures rate will get worse before it is better. >> these fi
. and then also in northern virginia. and it is until 9:00, because the sun starts to rise and warm up the air out there. but nonetheless chilly out there. in fact, looking at the future temperatures here on the future scan. temperatures dropping down tonight. and we will see them dropping down to the lower 40s. and, i think, it will get down to the 30s out here. model data shows lower 40s but i think mid 30s out there to get frost developing. and see the temperatures back by lunch time. around in the mid 60s. and then bump up to the lower 70s for highs tomorrow. which will feel good. here is what it will look like across the state. across the region. temperatures in the mid 50s. 40s to the north of us. and we will continue to see a warm push of air from the south. what is one of the determining factors of that is area of high pressure that is building in through the next day here. and replacing this low pressure, is high pressure. this low pressure is counter-clockwise rotation, drawing the cold air out of canada. all across the new england and mid-atlantic. that's what we have been experiencing
across the state of maryland and down through virginia. but there is a cold front off to the west. and the couple of embedded thunderstorms. we are watching this system. and this is what will bring us clouds for easter sunday. rather than rain showers. although we have a slight chance of seeing maybe a quick spring rain showers, april shower sunday. but otherwise most of the weekend will be dry. have to see how the cold front looks inching close. and losing the moisture over the higher elevations of the mountains. but high pressure system is in control. dry conditions. and warm and sunny conditions yet again for tomorrow. so waking up at 9 a.m. it will be cooler. and once the sunshine peaks out. warming us into the mid 70s for tomorrow. again, it will be one of those days that the winds are out of the southeast, further inland, harrisburg, and 80. and annapolis, and further south toward the water it will be cooler. with that breeze. so then here we go. sunday, 6 a.m. cold front pushes through. and we will see more clouds around. and maybe just a light isolated rain shower. and oth
to send rescue crews into a west virginia mine to search for four missing miners. at a news conference today, the poisonous levels, and are still too high. so far the death toll from the explosion is 25. the ceo of the mining company defended his business today after many have questioned the safety measures taken at the mine. >> i run this company, on a safety standard better than anybody has run a company in central appalachian. this situation may change that statistically, but we have done more to create safety, and improve safety than any company in history. >> as far as we know, right now, at least two people did survive the blast. >> routine dental work, almost ends a man's life. hear his story of survival, next, in health check. >> a big night on american idol as big mike was saved. how the contestants are keeping their heads held hi [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach start
and then also in parts of northern virginia. but roots region. not too bad. as far as the temperatures are concerned. looking at the lower 50s. wa we will see is this area of low pressure that has been pushing up northeast. nova scotia. wrapping around the cooler air out of canada. retract up north. and we have clearing right now. but you can see the clouds filtering in. and mild air continues to move our direction through the day tomorrow. so upper 60s, just south of us. probably 70s. but we will see the temperatures increase a bit. but we have a chances for clouds increaseing and then also the potential of rain as we get down toward the middle of week. 68 on the eastern shore with plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. few clouds gathering later in the day. and around the central portion of the state. it looks like we will see right around 68 dr. the high. and with mostly sunny skies w clouds gathering late in the day. and then western portion of the state. see sun and clouds gathering. with the temperatures right around 67 for the high. we're looking at the big area of high pressure that
the region. along the 95 corridor. stretching down to parts of virginia. cooler air in the mid 50s. now charlottesville and fredericksberg. and like i said, cooler for us. we will see some of the 50s pretty much across the state. as the cooler air moves in. bigger picture shows the cooler pool of air north. shifting in our direction. and allowing for us to get cooler air building in for the time tomorrow w clouds and chance of showers. and easterly wind. see a area of low pressure develop. upper level low southwest of us to help increase the easterly flow to allow the marine layer of air to come in to play. showers out of the northwest, looking at showers over parts of michigan. starting to make the way into northern ohio and indiana. that drapes across the state by tomorrow mid afternoon. and tomorrow evening. so you can see the timing here on the future scan. shower activity developing over pennsylvania, state college pa, harrisburg and york. into baltimore area by lunch time. and then through the evening time. rush hour. showers, shifting east by wednesday. so wednesday looks good, t
. >> it was supposed to be a birthday gift for chris 3-year-old granddaughter in virginia. the birthday card mailed in january with a $50 target gift card. tucked inside. then . . . >> i was angry. >> and an empty envelope returned to sender. by the postal service. >> and they said we found this, did you have money, cash, or a gift card in it? if so, please let us know. so my husband did. >> her husband michael alerted the post office, the couple victims of postal theft. they discovered a postal employee at the processing and distribution center, on east fayette street had been stealing hundreds of gift cards. taking them from the envelopes. >> well sounds like a trend in baltimore. people stealing gift cards. >> now, an arrest. >> i came in the door, and i said michael they got the sucker. >> federal investigators have charged andrew walsh with theft of mail, a cockeysville man and late night acting supervisor, at the post office on fayette. according to court papers. greeting cards had been opened with their contents removed. numerous times. a hidden camera caught walsh. >> police arrested walsh
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